Bithome is a fundamentally modern investment and distribution company with the standard for an Open health and beauty Industry, Safe, Decentralized & trust based on a fully-open and ready-to-grow platform built on the concept distribution of community digital shares and high up consumer product for all participants that aims to provide lucrative income to investors wherever they are in the world as they participate on a Global Scale Venture.

From technical aspects to business model, a dedicated research team spent 1 complete year researching needs, assessing market gaps and exploring potential with a focus on market’ experience and users needs.

Bithome aims to become the leading digital solution for health and beauty Instrument development Industry. To achieve this, we're building an advanced ecosystem that combines distribution product with uses the community shares issue model.

We see a massive potential in the industry and rising demand in all metropolitan cities with a future growth expectation for the health and beauty industry to reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

Bithome is developed to support investors. Bithome is a platform offers outstanding advantages for investors hold our shares with its high profit, liquidity and convenient transaction functions. There is digital wallet and best leading security practices. Our policy is better than the policy of ICO companies and other multi-level consumer product distribution companies. Bithome allows investors involved and holder of BIT token an active role in our ecosystem: by paying dividends them.

The goal of Bithome’s share sale is to convert our business model from a centralized app into a decentralized ecosystem that allows access to global reach and bringing profit for investor.

Bithome's shares is secured by several trusted product portfolio that guarantees the highest profit for investor to maximize utmost benefit to finances at all times.

We are raise funds to develop our infrastructure and address the growing international demand on health care and beauty around the globe through developing a powerful scalable tool.

Bithome upholds to continuously cultivate the finest practices in the field of Funds Management as we welcome everyone to partake this financial journey with us in making “Financial Freedom a Reality” for all.