Bithome is a fundamentally modern investment and distribution company with the standard for an Open health and beauty Industry, Safe, Decentralized & trust based on a fully-open and ready-to-grow platform built on the concept distribution of community digital shares and


Bithome Features

We are proud to introduce Bithome Group and

Bithome's digital stock is build based on blockchain for the global health and beauty  industry.

Blockchain Platform

Bithome is decentralized platform, peer-to-peer trading without any third party or central authority.

Withdraw money immediately

Receiving your payment is immediately withdrawn as soon as the request is made through our automated system without any restrictions.

Monthly Profit

Invest to receive our shares and get dividend on a monthly basis through our lucrative investment plans.

Advanced Benefit

Bithome combines the best of both worlds. Get the high benefit of digital shares and health and beauty product.

Safe and Secure

Bithome guarantees the investments and dividends of investors in the course of business operations


Downloadable reports, real-time balance. All your trades are so transparent in Bithome. So your assets status aren't misinformed.

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Road Map os

Road Map os

Road Map osRoad Map osRoad Map os

Q3 - 2017: An Idea

The idea started, we started the business research. Proof of theory. Project Planning Bithome decentralized trading platform.


Q4 - 2017: Idea Completion

Project Developmment. Platform design. Technology & Market research finalization.


Q1 - 2018: Preparation

Design Website. Start developing platforms. Core development. Build and find suitable partners.


Q2 - 2018: Prepare for Project Launching

Partnership Establishment & Project Developmment. BIT token Launching. Raising funds from major investors. Sales ​​BIT Tokens for individuals. Give the reward to major investors early.


Q3 - 2018: Website Launching

Build marketing team. Community development. Assist national representatives to promote the business.


Q4 - 2018: Token Launching

Airdrop & Bounty Launching and Community Building.


Q4 - 2018: Presales

Pre Sale start BIT token


Q4 - 2018: Public Sales

Started selling the BIT token to the public


Q1 - 2019: End sale token

End of Token Sale and token distribution to contributors.


Q2 - 2019: Official Launch

Launched the official project Launch Internal Exchange Market Launch of Ecosystem Community training Wallet alpha release (support BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens) Listing on CoinmarketCap.com. Completion of listing international exchanges for BIT at 2$/BIT. Listing of BIT token in 2 of Top 10 Crypto Exchanges. Launch Decentralized Platform powered By Blockchain. Use BIT as a currency to lend to other currencies


Q3 - 2019

Launch Marketing campaign. Prepare BIT Token for target Top 100 on coinmaketcap. Support advanced trading. Machine Learning & AI for advanced technical analysis. Listing on all Top 5 Crypto exchanges. Mobile application Development running on IOS and Android platform. Casino Online.


Q3 - 2019: Development

Ecosystem Integration. Mobile application Development running on IOS and Android platform. Advanced Portfolio Management. Multi-exchanges integration. Global Investors Conference. Announcing the second phase of the project. Launched Online Game.


Q4 - 2019

APIs for 3rd party bots and apps ICO report & alert Capital gain of $ 30 million. Become the best start-up company. Launched BIT Blockchain application Online Payment


2020: Stanilization

Regulate the market

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